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What is the name of the Cartoon movie where the school teacher goes missing and dresses up as a mean teacher?
Her class is unruly so she goes missing and comes back as a very mean school teacher, teaching the guys a lesson. What is the name of that movie? its a cartoon?
OOOOOoo i remember that it was a story book, the teacher was a blond lady i think then she come looking with black hair and a black dress i think i can't remember the name but its a guyrens book.
Victorian cartoon depicting a teacher pouring knowledge from a jug into a guy's head?
I need to find the image of an old victorian teacher pouring knowledge into the head of a guy. I remember this image from Teaching college and now require it for a seminar I am doing. I feel it depicts what teaching should not be. Please help!!
I can't find it either but have you tried contacting the teaching college to see if they can supply you with the image?
Last year i was supposed to draw a cartoon for my teacher but i still haven't, what should i do?
I've started it but, there just isn't any time to finish it. I'm twelve and everytime i see my old teacher, i get butterflies in my tummy. I try to avoid her but what should i really do?
Avoiding an issue is never the answer. It will keep on bugging you. She probably don't even remember it, but finish the cartoon in any case :) C'mon, it can't be that difficult. Get some fresh ideas (even if you don't like drawing a cartoon) Have a look at www.search-best-cartoon.com/searc… and get some fresh ideas.

Hope this helps:)
I am an art (cartoon)teacher in my town,i want to buy my cartoons in another country.what should I do?
I am a cartoon teacher,I would like to:buy my cartoons in another country,publish in a newspaper or a magazin or teach cartoon to someone in another country, what should I do?
i would do it. just ask around and try and find connections. or just make it and sell it locally first. i don't know a lot about this stuff, but go for it! good luck.
Old movie about a teacher cartoon?
There was this movie or episode idk I watched as a guy about this teacher everyone loved but they would always misbehave in it and then you see this teacher had her fill and then she came to school all mean looking or idk if she quit or sutin and then this new teacher I think it was her in costume is sooo stict and mean and the guys hated her and missed the old one and then she was gone in the end and tehy all respected her and loved her again it was a cartoon does anybody know? I think it ad sutin to do with that black lagoon seris but idk again I got it from my library but its not there anymore it definetly was from this production studio wit a smiley face nd a sad face
It could be Miss Nelson is Missing.
A teacher goes to class in pajamas with cartoon characters on it?
She lets her class out early, because she can't teach in pj's. The administration scolds her, and she says that it's the first time she's ever let her class out early.

What does this mean?
It would help to know a bit more about you as this would make the dream easier to put into perspective. In an attempt to turn the lateral into the literal I can only assume one of teo things, both of which are probably incorrect. Firstly that you are a student and this your way of normalising your own teachers or the upper hierachy such as bosses or managers. Do you often run late for work yourself? The dream may be attempting to show that all people have inconsistencies and faults and no one is perfect. Alternatively if you are a teacher then this essentially a dream about exposure, much the same as dreams of self nudity. You retell your dream as an observer of others though do not mention your own role in it's plot. This is unusual. Perhaps you are viewing a world that you don't want to be a part of or even one in which you feel you don't belong. The teacher could also represent alienation and a feeling of segregation from a particular social group. Those that scold her represent the status quo. The cartoons on the pyjamas are a cry out to a lost guyhood so fittingly acted out in a room of developing psyches.
OCR History GCSE, exam tomorrow, what has your teacher said is likely to be the first cartoon topic?
Just wondering?
My teacher said it's unlikely to be steps to world war two.

And also for paper 2, what does your teacher think will come up? Mine thinks the Suffragettes.
My teacher said it could be the League of Nations to be the compulsory question with Hitler and the Treaty to be the other two you can choose from. She also said that the chances are that it will be the suffragettes for paper two.

Bonne chance to everyone anyway
Does any one know an art teacher that teaches cartoon art or manga in San Diego CA?
A friend of mine wants a reasonably-priced teacher but can't find anyone who teaches manga or cartooning in San Diego. He says he wouldn't mind general drawing or painting ether, as long as it will help him improve his drawing. Any suggestions?
try the San Diego Museum of Art. My son took a Comics art class there. It was for guyren, but I know they have adult classes too. You can see the class schedule on their website. They might be able to refer you as well.
I have a school assignment my teacher told us to draw your own editorial cartoon of parties?
like about Steven harper Micheal ignatieff and i need help but plz dont find one on the computer and give me coz then my teacher will know it shud be made up but u can look at some on computer to have an idea
One hilarious one i saw in the news paper was of stevan harper giving a speech about something and then he looks over his shoulder and sees that the smart people who should have been listening all have their iPad's out and are playing angry birds!!!!!LOL!! Anyways which partie do u like most? I like the green party so i would do something with elizabeth may sitting on a beautiful green and blue eArth and then have (the person i cant stand) michael ignatief standing on a polluted,in debt ugly planet(representing the futer earth) if he wins! Just be creative!!!!!!
Whats the name of the old nickelodeon cartoon about some boy & a round teacher with little feet and HUGE nose?
i dont remember much of the cartoom at all, but i just kno it was in the mid to late 90's. It didnt late very long either, and the drawings were guy of weird for the characters. Its killing my head tryin to think (just one of those things) lol
ren and stimpy?

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