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My neighbors take their dogs onto our lawn to pee/poop when they think we're not home. How do I keep them away?
We've been seeing distinct yellow patches on our grass and poop that hasn't been picked up. Yesterday we caught one neighbor standing in our yard with three of his big dogs. My family and I pay good money for a gardener to maintain our front lawn, and our own small dog isn't allowed to go on it. How do we keep sneaky neighbors and their many dogs off our lawn?
Get one of those motion detection sprinklers.…
How Can I Get My Dog To Stop Peeing In The House?
Ok, I have a Jack Russel dog, over one years old. And he pees in the house. It doesn't matter if we are home or not. Even when we are home, he is sneaky and pees anyway. We cant leave him alone for one simple second. We scold him every time he does it but he is just too stubborn... We do let him out at times of the day and he can pee in the house up to at least 3 times within 10 minutes that we have our backs turned. How can I get him to stop?
Crate train your dog.
Do not allow him in the house unsupervised. Keep him with you. Leash him to you. That way he can't sneak off. If you can't supervise, then put him in his crate.

If he's not trained, then someone has not consistently taught him. Dogs are smart.

Scolding him AFTER the fact is useless. You have to catch him in the act EVERY time.
How do I get urine out of beige carpet?
Our small dog had quite a few accidents before becoming 'potty trained' and now were left with pee stains all in this one section, and they aren't coming out. We've tried oxyclean and a few other products but nothing is helping. The carpet is about a half an inch and the stains are just dead set in, the dog was very sneaky about peeing when everyone was sleeping...Please help! Also it smells, not to strong but still a smell. I'll try ANYTHING, home remedies to products just tell me what to do and how.
omg I have four cats that did the same exact thing... there is a product called stink free you can get it at petsmart and petco... it leaves a really nice smell and it gets all the way through the stain, oxidizes it and leaves it good as new (no icky smell either) and afterward your animals wont touch it... the product also comes with a UV light to see if theres anything you missed (it's awesome!~! ) Nature's miracle I tried and didn't work too well with thoroughly getting the stain :)
How many of you are too lazy to get out of pool to pee?
If you do pee in the pool, how are you sneaky about it?
Thats me!
I havnt gotten out of the pool in years. Who does?
Oh I am pretty sneaky. If it asparagus yellow I blame it on the little guys!
Why does my dog pee in my bed?
This is the second time this has happened. This is also where she sleeps, but only when I'm in bed. During the day I try to keep her corralled in the living room, but she's a little sneaky. The sheets were clean.

I'd love to understand this behavior. Any ideas?
She loves you and wants to leave you presents.
The Cat Pee Smell Is Burning My Nose!!?
I know my cat had been peeing somewhere, but she's really sneaky about it. Suddenly the smell is so strong that it's unbearable in my apartment! I can't even sleep at night, the smell keeps waking me up! I think I've pinpointed the source, but now what? Even Glade Plug-Ins in every outlet aren't covering it up!

Most of those store-bought things are crap, give me things that REALLY work!
Go to your local pet store and buy some odor remover. The staff there can help you select the right product. Also, you can use a blacklight to find any other spots where the urine may be.
How do I get my adult dog to stop peeing in the house?
We got her at 6 weeks old. She is a toy poodle. She is smart but stuborn. We have tried crate training, I even got up in the middle of the night for her to go pee. She still pee and pooed in her crate, and yes the crate was small enough. I have tried sprays, puppy pads. I will let her out for an hour and she will come in and pee, I never see her doing it, she's sneaky about it. When I call her over to the spot she peed in she won't come to me cause she knows it's not ok. She is 3 now and the olny reason I still have her is cause other family members want her, but I am the one who has to deal with her! I have had her checked out at the vet, she's fine. Please help!
Put her on a feeding and drinking schedule to regulate her bowels and bladder. Don't leave her food out all day. Put it out for 20 minutes ONLY then put it up, whether she ate it or not. Do this twice a day with the food and 3 times a day with the water. After the feeding take her out and on the way out the door get really really excited even if you sound like an idiot. When she goes out, give her the command that you will give her to go potty, like "hurry up" or "potty" my dog's command is "go pee pee". Stay out with her until she does it. Even if it takes an hour, stay out there. When she goes in the right spot say the command over and over so she will remember it. Then praise her and go back in. When you get back in the house crate her or leash her. Just as long as she does not have free run of the house and you can keep an eye on her. Make sure you take her out after each meal and drink as well as about every hour or two.
If you catch her peeing in the house immediate shout NO or fill a coke can with beans or pennies to shake loudly and take her out immediately. Then give her the command to go and praise her when she finishes outside. Once she stops going inside she doesn't have to be crated.

BTW since she is 3, this process will take longer than usual because she is pretty used to going inside and in her crate. You can train her out of it. My chihuahua was 1 year old when I got him and I didn't have the time to train him so I gave him to someone who did. But this worked for my dog Domino when he was 3 mos, he is 3 yrs now.
Good luck
Is it possible my mini pinscher is going to the bathroom on my carpet out of anger?
I just adopted my mini Pinscher about a month ago and she is around 3 months old, i noticed everytime i was getting ready to leave for work & when i came back home that she would either pee right in fron of me or go by the door to the l/r ( which is the door i go out of to go to work) I have this sneaky suspicion lol that she is doing it on the moment i am training her with the puppy training pads. She does know how to go in there(bathroom where they are) so why does she keep doing this? I swear she is doing it because she is mad i'm leaving for work! lol Does anyone have this problem or ever had this problem with their pet?
I believe she may be doing this because she is mad at you for going to work. I have a 2 year old pit bull who is completely houstrained. She hasn't had an accident since she was 6 months old. I have a dooggie door and a fenced in yard. This is why I was able to train her so well. She lets herself out when she has to go. I used to work at home so I was basically home all of the time. I just recently took on a new job outside my house. She does not like this idea at all. During the first week at my job she was fine. As soon as she realized what was going on, she started pooping right in front of the door even though she could go outside. Like I said before she hadn't done this since she was a puppy. I know she is only doing this because she doesn't like being home left home alone. I got tired of coming home and cleaning up poop everyday. Now when I go to work she is not allowed in the house. She does have access to our covered porch so she is always comfortable. I don't care what anyone else says. Animals are as smart as people. To make your life easier I would buy her a crate to put her in while you are at work. Don't get me wrong puppies do have accidents, but not always in the same place. If it was really an accident it would be all over your house.
Why does my cat pee on this chair?
A while back I got a pappasan chair (those big circle cusions). My cat peed on the chair, and I thought it was because he couldn't get into his litter box cuz i accidentally locked him and his sister out of it. So I cleaned it up and he didnt pee on it for a few days and started peeing on it again. Pretty much once a day.. So I got rid of that cusion and got a new one. He started peeing on that one and it's gotten out of control. I had a laundry bag sitting on the floor today and found a nice little pee puddle in it. It might not have been him because we just got a puppy, but I have a sneaky suspicion it was him. I clean the litter box about every other day, he shares it with the other cat, and he's about 6 or 7 months old. Hes neutered and the other cat is spayed. How do I get this to stop???
I have 6 fixed female cats, and 1 unfixed, roaming Tomcat. The Tomcat and two of my female cats have decided to pee on our horses hay bales. They are marking the territory. Might be cuz of the new puppy, they want to make sure he knows his boundaries. One Time out old cat Jose ruined our super comfy, nice, new chairs in the family room cuz we had just gotten 2 new kitties w/ out her permission. She was so angry that she marked everywhere it's totally normal. Ask your local pet store if they have no-pee spray that will discourage them from peeing there...or just use a water bottle...I have found the water spray bottles work better! :)
Puppy still poops in the house but won't pee inside, any suggestions?
She has made progress. As far as I know she hasn't peed in the house in 3 weeks but continues to poop right next to the door about once a day (she did it twice today). I originally did the "only positive" training and no yelling/getting mad after the fact but that was going no where for an entire month and I never ONCE caught her in the act nor did my roommates (she's very sneaky). So I switched it up and started taking her to where she went to the bathroom, placed her nose right next to (not touching) her pee/poop and yelled at her repeatedly "NO" and "Bad Dog" (No is the only word I use generally for telling the dog to stop doing something so it won't get confused so NO is a word she knows). Then I put her in her crate for an hour or two (I differentiate when I crate her when she didn't do anything wrong by saying good girl repeatedly and giving her a snack).

Well this took care of the peeing and the poop has gotten next to the door rather than random places in the house so I know she is trying to go outside and is starting to understand. When I goto take her outside and she already has gone and I haven't found it yet she starts backing off the steps or runs into her crate because she knows what she did was wrong.

What can I do to get her to make the next step? Why will she hold her pee in but not poop (I would think holding pee in would be harder)? I really wish she would just whimper or cry or something when she had to go and I will drop whatever I'm doing and take her out. It's getting frustrating though. Hell, twice today she went right after we were outside and she just went pee.

Are you free feeding or are you feeding at a designated time?

Also, how old is your puppy?

If you are free feeding, switch to feeding 2 - 3 times a day...control what goes in, so you can control what comes out. Generally, a dog will have to poop within 5-15 minutes after they eat, although it can take as long as 30, but they will eventually get in the habit and make it much more, go poop. Also, remember, after a big playtime, a puppy may need to go also.

Okay, if you are already doing the controlled feeding, you can try a few other things:

1. If your pup really does seem to be heading to the door, but not getting your attention in time, get a hanging bell (one of those chrismas jingle bell necklaces or something similar works just fine), hang it on the door, and every time you take her out, have her nose hit it to jingle it...she should pick up super quickly (as in within 1 day) if she wants to go out, jingle the bell. If you have a dog that likes to go out a lot just to play, this could work against you, but if she does it just for fun, bring her right back in, crate her for 15 minutes and let her try again..she will figure out, a jingle is for potty, not play.

2. Another option is kind of gross, but so is poop on your floor. Next time she leaves you presents on the floor, show her and tell her no, and move it outside. Try to relocate all her poop in one place outside (I know, I know...wear latex gloves or use a scooper)... Most dogs have a preferential spot for pooping...if she has yet to create one, you need to help her along by creating one for her. Our 4 dogs have about 2 fenced acres to run in, and I can tell you with certainly where each dog's poop place is...this is good to also avoid any potential missteps when walking through your yard the day before pooper scooping day. Always take her to her "spot" when you are expecting her to poop. It will help speed the poop process after eating up.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is catch them in the you can immediately right their wrong. The easiest way to do this is to get a 3-4 ft lead (not the standard 6 inch you probably have) and tie it to your belt loop. Your pup will also be where you are and you will easily catch her in the act, because she will be forced to go wherever you are going. In addition to crate training, I usually never let my dog alone off their lead when I'm moving around until they are fully potty trained and fully trustworthy with anything that might look fun to shred (remotes, stuffed animals, shoes, etc.). Usually that's somewhere around 10 months of age, give or take 2 months, depending on the dog.

While the basics you have probably learned are true of most dogs, every dog also has little nuances and sometimes you have to employ a variety of extra techniques. Some breeds, and some dogs, are just difficult to housetrain.

ADD: On the runny poo...have you changed her food a lot? A lot of dogs will have runny poo if their food is changed...even from one dry dog food to another. If you are changing her food, trying to find one that suits her needs, her taste buds and her eliminating problem, make sure you aren't just switching one day to the next; mix them together in stages to wean her off one and onto the next. It sounds like you've already talked to your vet, so I won't say much more about that.

She's still pretty young, so you may just have to be patient.

To get our dogs to be potty trained, we simply could not free feed them until they were fully trained, especially when they are still young. One of mine was also a grazer like yours, and what we had to do to get her to actually eat on a 2x per day schedule, was give her her dry food and then take one spoonful of wet food and mix it all up in the dry food. She gobbled it right up; invested in a 99 cent lid topper and one can lasts a long time. This way she is eating on schedule, you can better predict elimination and control it.

You may or may not have to go a full year, it may just take a month or 2, maybe more, depending on her success in potty training, and her tendency to destroy neat things. The point is also to let her know that you are in control and to be able to easily correct her, since a puppy (or dog!) can do all sorts of damage in the short time it took for you to run in the other room to answer the phone :) The worst puppy I've ever owned showed up as stray at around 4 months old (according to the vet) and is now 11 months old and has pretty much free reign and can be left out of his crate and trusted for the entire working day. So, it doesn't always take that long, even for the most persistent little monster :) Just be consistent, very stern (not mean) correction when she's wrong, keep her tied to you when she's out, and lots of rewards and praises for doing it right.

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