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I'm invited to a sex toy party?
I think it's called a slumber party (we don't sleep over though) that only women attend and there is someone there that does demonstrations(?) or something and they sell sex toys and stimualting creams. What should I expect? I guess I have to buy something right? I'm a little scared to go, but my neighbor wants me to go with her...

And my husband is making fun of me for going, haha.
You will have fun. I went to one of those last year and we all had a blast. I bought myself one of those big (too big) realistic penises and some other toys.

Seriously, go. It will be fun.
Have you ever seen a liberal arts or film school movie demonstrating sex and sexual topics explicitly?
As a physics student I only had the chance to see one, but it has greatly influenced my disdain for university and college administrators and directors and those politicians who facilitate their corruption.…

So this president of Northwestern, Schapiro is responsable for authorizing these classes and what goes on under his watch, and then passes the blame on to the professor for being overly in violation of "academic principles"? Does anyone else see how hypocritical that is?
Pr0n? Sure, I've seen amateur pr0n.
So Atheists: Can you justify this outrageous assault on impressionable minds by members of your community?…
mAnnie... what is your problem with this?

Are you soo bothered by your sexuality that you condemn this as 'outrageous' and as an 'assault'?


How about removing pre-conceived fears, unjustified except for the self-serving churlish demands of religious zealots to control and instill guilt where none otherwise should exist?

What is wrong with sex? What is wrong with enjoying our human nature- our desires to enjoy 'god-given' emotions, passion, desires- STIMULATION! o my! how terrible!

Get over it mAnnie! Those that stayed did so at their own choice.

I do thank you though for bringing this to the public forum- for with the whining of the oppressive xian fundiegelicals, I KNOW that my religion will have new converts. mmmmm we welcome you all \../

carpe diem & carpe noctem
Is this the kind of education liberals think we should all have?
Northwestern University acknowledged today that an unusual demonstration was held on campus last week in which students observed a woman being penetrated by a sex toy.

The university will pay the man who arranged for the demonstration, which was held in front of about 100 students attending psychology professor J. Michael Bailey’s human sexuality class.

“The university supports the efforts of its faculty to further the advancement of knowledge.”…
I can't deny the activity but the fact that such activity is allowed and money is allocated to it is an insult to my intelligence. What is so complicated and educational about stuffing vagina with a f*k1ng toy?

Easy A's, I might add.
Is anyone else sick of all these demonstration parties... ?
I am talking about the Avon, Pampered Chef, purses, jewelry, chocolate, sex toys, etc. kinds of demonstrations. I've been to each of them at least a dozen times. I go just to be polite and supportive, but I dread them because it's the same thing every time.
Yes, I get invited to a ton. I sometimes go, but usually I'll ask if they have a catalog that I can look at, and if i want to order and support them, I do, and if I don't, I'll just say I didn't see anything new that I really wanted. Most people understand, but it's a good way to get out of the "party" circuit.
Working in an Adult Toy Store? Would you or not?
Females---The only job you can get is in store that sells sex toys, it works best with your schedule and your other requirements + its the only actual place that's interested in hiring you take it?

Why or why not?

Males--would you want your wife/gf working there or not?

Keeping in mind that this is a small town and people are very close-minded and like to talk

I'm personally thinking I don't need the job that bad bc I value public appearance and thought of me (sad to say but very true) and my husband would be against it bc he thinks there'd just be pigs wanting demonstrations...but want to hear your views on someone who's just doing a job!
Okay, I came out of retirement to answer this question for you my dear friend.
First off, a job today is better than no job. Second, small town or not, people are going to talk no matter if your working the street corner, or just running down the street and stop to tie your shoe, and showing your fine tight, uhhh! legs, yes I was going to say legs.
I would not have an issue if Mrs Snarky worked at an adult store, trust is not an issue for us.
You have never been concerned with others opinions before, why start now.
Sorry I have been away for so long, between college and work and family, there is not enough time in the day to play on YA.
Do you think Live Sex Shows on College Campuses are Appropriate?
On Feb. 21, Prof. John Michael Bailey, a psychology professor known for pushing the envelope, invited students from his human sexuality class to observe a non-student naked woman being stimulated with a motorized sex toy on stage, NBC station WMAQ reported.

About 120 students attended the demonstration, which was curated by Chicago sex tour guide Ken Melvoin-Berg, according to the Northwestern Daily student newspaper.

The professor and administrators have defended the class.

"I think that these after-class events are quite valuable," Baily said in a recording of last Wednesday's lecture obtained by the paper. "Why? One reason is that I think it helps us understand sexual diversity."…
Another clear demonstration of why we're so "far ahead" of other countries when it comes to superior education.

These fools probably get credit for scams like this.
Is this a decently opinionated and legitimate paper? Does it seem plagiarized?
LOL (I'm a junior in high school) my teacher thought I plagiarized this xD . I'm like "In all honesty I have plagiarized in earlier years, but I broke that habit. Copy and paste any of this essay (b/c he has my essay on his flash drive) into google and you won't find a match, scout's honor, right hand to God." LOL again :)
But seriously, this ia just a 1st draft and we have a chance to edit it and turn it in again so any grammatical inconsistencies or plain old suggestions and opinions would be very helpful.
thanks in advance.

Mar. 4
BYU/Northwestern Sex Scandal Reflection

In my opinion, The Brigham Young University sex scandal was a scandal that’s occurred many times in the past, so it’s not startling in any way. Not as far as the chastity factor, or specifically Brandon Davies who is the accused, but the athlete-having-sex-scandal situation. The athlete is accused of paying for sex, the athlete is accused of having mistresses, or the athlete is accused of rape. This kind of scandal blows up because so many people are aware of that person’s agenda and the unexpected straying from this agenda isn’t just a surprise, but a kind of infraction or ‘crime’ in some people’s eyes. Being so incredulous about someone committing an act of this kind isn’t normal, because they’re normal like any other person. They make mistakes.
As far as Brandon Davies’ situation goes, that’s a another ball park I’m in. The rules he agreed to when applying and being accepted to BYU aren’t in Chinese, they’re in black and white and he clearly understood them. This is why most articles on the event hinted that he ‘admitted’ to having intercourse. He knew the rules, he broke them, and he got suspended. My opinion on why a guy should be allowed to be that intimate with his girlfriend and the details on that subject are redundant and irrelevant. It’s not my house; it’s BYU’s house, or in this case, Mormon school, and it’s their property/religious belief, so they make up and enforce the rules. It’s like the public being angry at the court and prosecution for the Kobe Bryant sex scandal. Yes, you can get mad and have an opinion, but you are a blip on the radar and you won’t be heard. He ‘allegedly’ broke the rules, and the protest of the public isn’t going to make it go away. There will be, and there was, a trial. It’s the same thing, but there’s no court involved. It’s college and the authorities in this case are the deans and staff.
Finally, pertaining to the Northwestern University sex demonstration, I have mixed feelings, because the people involved consented to seeing the act, and they don’ need a parent’s permission. Another iffy-issue at a college involving an act that sent a furor throughout the local area and across the nation. The demonstration was meant to teach, not instigate hollering and whistling and somewhat raging hormones. Yet, this is probably not what happened. It’s hard to say since I was not there. In a way it’s humorous because the professor said that the demonstration was after the class was over, and it was offered as an ‘extra lesson’. This is only humorous to me because, who in college would turn down seeing a sex act involving a naked woman and a sex toy in plain view (especially males)? It’s up to the school board to decide if and if so, how the people involved should be reprimanded or punished. I’m on the fence about this one, but in all honesty I can’t say I wouldn’t have been one of the young adults in that lecture room craning my neck to get a better view or legitimately trying to learn something about the female orgasm, but either way I would’ve been giddy about this one-in-a-lifetime event.
Because the mormon sex life is not between God and yourself. It's between God, your bishop, the people who he tells your story to (discussing it, reporting it to higher authorities, etc.), and then you. Everything else is between God and you. There was just a question asked earlier, something about being a member of the LDS, and a few mormons said membership is between you and God. Its on the honor system.

So, the honor system doesn't work among humans, mormon or not, it seems. I wonder if they just don't tell people life is ALWAYS between God and man. When you are taught to understand God is looking down on you, seeing every move you make regardless vs. taking a chance on some church authorities finding out? Which one would give you pause? The human middleman or God Himself?
Pageant Talent-Self Defense?
I am participating in a pageant in about a month and am planning to do a self defense demonstration for the talent. It is in a 2 minute time frame and I want it to be interesting and entertaining and not just a demonstration. I cannot have anyone on stage with me but am allowed a dummy or props. I do have an inflatable mannequin dummy that is 6ft tall but not free standing (and don't think dirty-it's a clothing model dummy not sex toy inflatable doll). Do you have any ideas what I should do? I know some moves, takedowns, etc. already, just need to know how to put it together so its entertaining.
you should take a tai chi class and do a dance-ish presentation. like something awe-inspiring like you'd see in one of those hong kong movies. you could wear a really pretty dress that's all flowy and stuff. it would look really cool. i once did something like that in a traditional chinese gown for a competition and i won best in show. if you need to commission a costume, send me a message as i'm also a seamstress.
Woman demonstration of pleasure?
I have been invited to an all girls demonstration. Which means they will have toys, creams etc. Anyways the people that invited me are actually my cousin's friends so i dont know if its proper since I'm the little cousin. Even thou i have 2 guys and been married for 7 years she is always embarrased to talk about sex in front of me. I want to go cuz i have never been to one. What's your advice?
Those things are so fun!! lol...
U won't stop laughing....

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