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If you were driving past and someone who was walking and their pants fell down how would you react?
Would you act differently if the person was your friend
Would you act differently if you disliked the person
How would you act if you were walking and your pants fell down
friend : laugh and wave to them.....and smile
disliked : laugh and pull out my video camera

If it was me...I'd pull 'em up and pretend that nothing happened.
My pants fell down at school the other day, now what?
The other day, my pants fell down. It revealed everything and since I wasnt excited neither was my friend. Now everyone thinks my friend is a midget. What should I do?
i think youre prettier, you have a nice face shape and i prefer your hairstyle. i'm 15 and have only just got a style that i'm happy and confident with, as you grow up you'll grow into your looks more, so don't feel down about it!
When is the last time your pants fell down?
I've lost weight. And it's raining. I picked my daughter up from school and as we were running from the car into the house, I tripped over them and landed in a cold puddle in my underwear. Luckily, the only person that saw was a motorist who didn't stop and I did not recognize.

He blew his horn, though.
im so blocking you for losing weight!
Have your pants ever fell down in public?
Mine has I was losing weight and my pants got to big and when I got off work one day to go home they fell down in the parking lot .
Oh man?? Was there anyone around?

Well in gym class Mary Beth pulled my shorts down...ironically enough that's when Mr.Grider, one of the coachs and Mr.Rockett (my crush) walked by....................
My pants fell down in church and all the women laughed?
I was embarrassed, but I was struck as to why they were laughing. Maybe you might know?
they were amazed by your little ding a ling
Talk show host female, pants fell down on camera. Who was it?
Who was the white female talk show host who's pants fell down on camera just recently? I saw it on tv just tonight and wanted to show a friend but couldn't find it on an internet search and totally forgot her name. I think it was on Extra. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Paula Deen. She has several cooking shows on the Food Network and is a pretty popular chef and host.
Girls !! My moms pants fell down and I saw her underwear. What do I do?
My mom was in a belly shirt and some jeans by by the way she's size 5 she showed me she could suck in her stomach really far. When she did that her pants fell down and I saw her pink Vitoria secret underwear. It was not pleasing to see my mom in sexy underwear. Because her pants fell down does that make her too skinny??? And have you ever seen your moms underwear??
Why would she want to show you how far she can suck her stomach in?? She must hav sucked her stomach in pretty far if her pants fell down tho
My pants fell down and women saw my bum?
what did she think? i was walking and my trouser are kind of loose and i did'nt wear any pants as my jeans slip my bum was on display.
EWWWW plumber's crack!!! not sexy at all!!

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