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Will mature women have sex with 18 year old?
So I am an 18 year old, and a virgin at that. My fantasy has always been to lose my virginity to an older woman. I see so many daily that are just gorgeous. My question is would these women ever consider sex with someone that young, or is it something that will remain a fantasy?? I would like some answers from older women, or people with expirience...THANKS!
I don't know if you'll even listen to me, because I'm not a "older woman" nor do I have that kind of experience, but you don't want to lose your virginity to someone random just because she's gorgeous and an older woman. If an older woman and you happen to end up liking each other, then that's fine. But I don't think you should go for someone older just because you want to lose your virginity to them.
Why the girls between 14-18 age like to have sex with old/mature partners.?
there is strong sexual urges in girls between 14-18 old girls to
have sex than boys of the same age. that is why sexual
abuses are more prevelant due to this tendency in girls .the y
have sex with their father or older brother /older neighbour and
such instances are hardly reportded...
Ali I believe that a lot of these girls think that by having a sexual partner older then they are that it makes them appear older also and more mature. But fact of live is it does not. As for the incest you speak of this is just plain wrong and should be reported by anyone who is aware of such situations.
How do you know when you're mature enough to have sex?
How do you know when you're mature enough to have sex?
-How come some 20 year-olds are not mature enough to have sex but I've known some 16-year-old girls mature enough to have sex?
I think it's more when you know that the person your going to be doing it with is the right person for you and you both understand each other on the same level and that they are prepared to take the next step also.

Also maturity does play a major part though but I think being mature about it is basically what I said in the first paragraph. Also knowing about contraceptives and such and knowing that your going to be comfy doing it.

I think though at the very least it's not a good idea when you still have school and your life ahead of you because the biggest bombshell would be finding out your pregnant while you still have school.

I agree with people about the married thing too.
13 Year old Male seeking more Sex Appeal/Mature Personality..?
Hello, Im 13 years old. I am current what most females would call "OKAY". I want to improve my sex appeal and my get a mature personality. Im kinda known as the Joker at my school, cause I love to crack jokes.* But mostly right now im trying to improve my life. Raising grades, doing chores, etc. Im just sick of disappointing adults. Right now Im currently doing those things but now IM focusing on my appearance and personality. I know that me and this Girl have a shot, she just broke up with her BF, and we've been flirting for a few months, I just gotta know how I can improve my "swagger" and get the confidence to ask her out. And we also talk like were BF and GF. BTW IM LIGHT SKINNED.

But back to the topic, any help?
*Heres and example of the jokes I make(TRUE):

Teacher: You students need to start being postive about yourselves and stop the negative.

Me(outta nowhere): Is this math class or what? (get it?, it was SS class.)

Lol, I want to keep that personality but still become mature.
not possible at 13.
I hate having sex with my husband,becouse he is always in to Granny/Mature old lady type porno ?
I confronted him many time.He always denies.When i check browsing history it's fooled with those sites. If he watch porno with young people on it i wouldn't go upset. I am 35 still looking young. He is 10 years older than me. Because of my young guys i can not walk ways from my marriage. I hate him for doing this. Most of the time i think he get more pleasure from fantasising having sex with old Granny's. I know this is gross..Pls tell me what to do???
Dang that is some bizarre $hit. I wouldnt have sex with him anymore and tell him that you are grossed out. Be like whats up with you and the old ladies. Then be like i am in to young studs thats my thing. Then when ever he wants to see that granny beaver he will imagine some young stud giving it to you like he cant and it will ruin it for him. And seriously why not be into young studs for reals anyways?
Why is it wrong for a grown man/woman to sleep with a mature 16 or 17 year old?
It was common in past cultures for a girl to get married at 14 to an older man. Why is it so taboo today for someone who is 16 or 17 who is fully developed and mature to have sex with someone older?
just because of the statetory rape laws, and times have changed and now people don't get the "adult" role until they are much older, and it would be more stressful now for the teen girls bc it's not such a common thing these days. If the girl is over 18 or 21, or whatever age it is for those statetory rape laws, then I don't really see a problem.
How often does older mature woman(45-85) have sex just pop up in mind and fantasize wanting to have any sex ?
mature woman interested in males ranging 23-30yrs old. position, oral both ways, adventurous sex in/outdoors. toys, 3somes
without all your added qualifiers... more than you think.
My extremely mature 6 year old daughter is asking about SEX. what do I say!? Help!! It's long, but PLEASE HELP?
My 6 year old daughter is extremely mature for her age. In the past she has asked what "sex" meant and we gave her the explanation that it is another way of identifying a gender, as in male or female. She accepted this about two years ago when she had asked. Yesterday in the car she asked again, and was extremely nervous and self conscious about asking what sex was and if it was bad. I was sure to keep my composure, and not react weird. I played the angle of asking her what she had heard about it, if she had heard any guys at school saying something about it, and reminded her that it was not a bad word, and that it was another way to refer to a gender. She then became extremely upset (as she tends to be extremely emotional) and started crying, and said she didn't want to talk about it anymore because she did not want to have anymore bad dreams about it. At this point I started freaking out on the inside!!! But I kept my composure, and reassured her that she could talk to me about anything. We dropped it and went home, where she went to bed because it was late. This morning, she asked me before it was time to leave for school if we were going to talk about it anymore, and I sat with her. She was nervous again, and said maybe we should talk about it when she gets home because we would run out of time because she had to get to school. That puts me here and now.... WHAT do I say to her, what questions do I ask her?

It may be important to take into consideration she has a 5 year old younger sister who is extremely immature, and a 14 month old little sister.... and we have not broke the news to her yet, but I am about 10 weeks pregnant with our last guy.... and she knows that babies grow in your uterus, and how they come out. We have not had the talk about how the babies get IN there. I can also say I am certain our daughter has not walked in on my husband and I, and I know for certain that she has not been touched sexually, and that is not where these questions are coming from.

My husband and I want to be as honest as we can when they come to us with questions about anything in the world, considering our guys age and maturity. I know this is a delicate age, and subject, and I just want to be certain whatever we say to her is not going to make her have a bad self image. I grew up with a father who did not talk to me about anything, and made my sisters and I feel ashamed about things like our bodies, sex and basically any uncomfortable topic out there.

Please, how do I approach this subject with my daughter, what do I say? The "gender" explanation is clearly not enough anymore... and I don't know what she has been told by any little guys at school.
You are describing my daughter exactly. She is also 6 and very bright. She asks about sex, death and other very adult topics. She gets emotional about it, will dream about it and cannot get it out of her mind. I answer all questions when she asks them and let her know to come to me with any other questions, that I will always give her the best answer I can.When she started with the sex questions, I told her that it is what mommies and daddies do when they love each other and that's how babies are made. She asked a few questions and was satisified. Don't ignore it, she'll look elsewhere for her answers.
Just because she asks about sex DOES NOT mean she has been abused! Some guyren (bright,gifted) have a different understanding of things than other guyren their age.
Mature Question........38 years old and sex drive has Increased- I'm concerned and have questions???
Why at 38, has my sex drive gone crazy??? I've never been overly sexually- I have completly changed. Sex is the about all I think about- and what I do EVERY chance I get. Not proud, but even outside my marriage. I don't really understand what the deal is with me. I have never been "loose" and a year ago would have never thought of having affairs.--- They are for sex only. I am bi-polar but meds. are,I think, been working well, also I also have a reputation in community that I have to uphold- has to do with job. I have so much to lose and do not want to. Is this an age thing? Mental health issue? Please be nice-- I really try to be a good person-- my brain just doesn't seem to be controlling my actions at this time. Can you become a sex addict at my age? By the way, I love my husband- regardless of what this question may sound like.
If your medicines include any of the SSRI/SNRI antidepressants - then that could be the answer.

They cause high rates of sexual dysfunction; usually it's loss of function - but paradoxically they can also induce hypersexuality. If this is combined with the common 'loss of inhibition' effect, where the individual's normal standards of ethical/moral behaviour become derailed (results of this include stealing, affairs, spending sprees, gambling, divorce, verbal nasties, drinking etc) then that would be a possible explanation.

The loss of inhibition effect combined with emotional blunting (another common antidepressant side-effect) means that the wayward behavior also tends to hold few if any consequences for the individual taking the drug, certainly nothing like the ramifications that would have been felt pre-drug.

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