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Have you ever seen a very pregnant woman naked before?
I saw 1 for the first time today. I was in the gym locker room and this very pregnant woman was completely nude showering, taking her time wahsing her boobs and belly, and it was really hard not to stair.
LOL Boy, that must have been awkward for you. I bet you couldn't help it. ;) Thankfully, I've never seen a nude pregnant woman other than myself... and boy, is it a sight. It's just unusual compared to how most women look naked, and pretty fascinating.

I envy that this woman is so comfortable with her figure that she would shower publicly and not even bother to hurry!

I find it a little disturbing that one girl on here tells you that you're sick for staring, but then advises you where to find pictures of naked pregnant women! What the heck?
Can a woman get pregnant if her partner lies on top of her naked?
I have a bit of an odd question... it might sound stupid but i really need to know because my boyfriend and I have been doing this. can a woman get pregnant if a man lies on top of her naked? Like no actual sexual contact or insertion is made, but his penis is lying on top of her vagina? And her legs are spread open?
In most males there is a small secretion from the tip of the penis, even before ejaculation. So, technically, it is possible for this to happen. Most likely though, the sperm count is too low, and on the outside of the vagina. But again, it is still possible and you should most likely use more precaution in the future if you want to weigh out the risk of pregnancy completely.
Is it wrong for a pregnant woman to do amateur pornography?
I was just wandering.
I know some men like seeing a pregnant woman's naked body. (Sometimes in action too)
Sex should be avoided in high risk pregnancies. But most women have normal pregnancies, so sex is okay as long as it's not rough. lol
I'm not asking if YOU personally would like to see a pregnant lady in action!! I AM asking if you think it's wrong if she preforms sexual acts by herself or with her husband for some money. haha
Just curious.
Pregnant women are beautiful! If you and your husband feel comfortable enough to do that than do it!! It is only amateur porn. Be classy and have fun with it.
Can pregnant women drink Naked juice?
I bought two bottles of the Naked juice assuming it would be ok. However, I didn't read much on the label & I missed that it said "lightly pasteurized" and I know that unpasteurized is not good when pregnant.
I have never heard of 'lightly pasteurized' but I would not drink it. I think you want to only eat/drink food that are fully pasterized because what's the point of following instructions if you don't?

You can always ask you doctor.
Can a woman get pregnant if the guy just rubs on her while wearing his boxers and she is naked?
I was with this guy and he was still wearing his boxers, but rubbing up against me and I was naked....we used a condom after he removed his boxers, so we were safe then..its just before....not sure if semen would leak through his boxers while he rubbed against me.
What are mens views on seeing the wives/girlfriends naked pregnant body?
I'm 23 weeks pregnant my belly is big already I just wana know what are mens thoughts on seeing there woman pregnant nakedness or showing off their belly bumps
come on people, we are all dancing around the best part of pregnancy, hello D cups!
Why do pregnant women deliver naked?
I seen on the baby shows how some women are in bikinis and some are buck naked.. when i had my son i was in a gown. what does it do? why do they like being naked and out there?
I started with a gown on during labor, but once the urge to push came I tore that thing OFF! I had an induced labor without any pain meds, and by that time I was so high from endorphins and in SO much pain that nothing - and I mean nothing - mattered besides getting my baby out of me. All modesty seriously flew out the window LOL

Also, I was switching positions so often during the early stages of pushing (sitting up, squatting, hanging over the bar, etc) that the gown was just ridiculous and in the way.

When I finally pushed the little girl out, she was put on my stomach and found her own way to my breast and latched right on in no time flat - it was amazing! That would have been much harder to do with a gown or bra on, and it would not have been fun to try to maneuver out of my clothes after all that!

Just one woman's story ;)
What Do Pregnant Women Wear Bikinis?
Why do girls wear bikinis when their pregnant? Honestly noone wants to see your huge belly or a half naked pregnant woman. I find it repulsive.
While I agree with your outlook and do not want to see pregnant women in bikinis, I do not agree with your statement that "Honestly noone wants to see your huge belly or a half naked pregnant woman". There are plenty of people who find that very attractive. While YOU (and I) do not want to see it, that does not mean that others don't, because there are some who do.
My pregnant wife thinks every woman I speak to wants to have sex with me?
Is this a normal thing pregnant women go through, my wife also hates being naked around me but always wants sex, when we have sex she makes me keep my hands on the headboard so I don't touch her but she touches me :/ We are relatively young both of us are 24.
Tiffany couldn't have said it better!

I am 22 years old was thin before I got pregnant ... Now I've gained 38.5 pounds & have deep red stretch marks everywhere - on my boobs, inner thighs, hips & lower stomach.

Now I feel so unattractive and fat. I think it's hard for a woman especially when society tells us how we have to "look".

It sucks walking through malls now w/half naked perfect/beautiful girls on the walls. I think to myself, "I used to be that way - now I'm all washed up, on to the maternity store".

Everything she is feeling is normal ... I am sorry men have to put up with it ... but I wish you all could feel how we feel, it's terrible.

Tell her she is beautiful, love on her, help with chores, watch movies w/her ect.

Pregnancy is so difficult and I had no idea - it still is a beautiful thing though.

Congrats to you both & God Bless

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