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Why don't we girls pee when we are on long trips. My boyfriend does it all the times?
Why don't we girls pee when we are on long trips. When I am desperate I see boys stopping from a car and going. Why don't girls ever need to do this. They always hold it till they make it to a bathroom. Don't they need to go? When I have to go bad no girl does it, so I never go. But my boyfriend stops and pees. wtf!
I get out and pee in the's very bad to hold it in and you can give yourself bladder infections. And it all depends on how much you drink.
Why don't we girls pee when we are on long trips. My boyfriend does it always?
Why don't we girls pee when we are on long trips. When I am desperate I see boys stopping from a car and going. Why don't girls ever need to do this. They always hold it till they make it to a bathroom. Don't they need to go? When I have to go bad no girl does it, so I never go. But my boyfriend stops and pees. wtf!
see girls have maners
How do girls usually pee or poop when they're in their swimsuit?
I am just wondering, how do most girls pee and poop when they are in their swimsuit.

For peeing, do most girls pee in the pool?

P.S. For me, I usually go before my swim, if not it's kinda difficult to pee since my suit is kinda tight.
They pull the part of the swimsuit that's between the legs to the side and go to the toilet like that. Sometimes they may pee in the water.
How do girls pee if they are wearing tights on the inside of a leotard?
If your little girl has to pee really bad while in dance class, how do you teach her to go if you are not there with her?
You're going to have to teach how to get her leotards up and down for this.
Do girls pee out of their butts? Also, do girls get water inside their vagina when they swim?
Also how do girls with hemophilia survive when having a period?
Also how does a baby pee or take a dump inside of the mother? wouldn't it build up after nine months?
Does the baby pee? Does the mother pee and crap for two when she goes to the bathroom? What if the baby throws up? Does vomit come out the vagina?
Alright, let's take a crack at this..Women have urethras just like men do, it's a small opening located just above the vagina. So no, they don't pee out of their butt.

Hemophelia is related to cuts and wounds, a woman's period isn't a wound. A period is the shedding of what would have been the placenta if the woman had gotten pregnant, it would have housed the baby. But since there was no baby that month, it has to go someplace along with the egg that would have been the baby.

Babies aren't fully developed from day one of the pregnancy, they start out as a cell, invisible to the naked eye and over 9 months develop organs and everything they need to live and breathe in the outside world. In the womb, in the later months, the baby does sometimes poop and pee inside the womb because it's been practicing how to swallow with the amniotic fluid, which is why if the mother eats alot of something, the baby will most often have a preference to that food or flavor when born. My mom ate alot of tuna while pregnant with me, now I love seafood.

But no, none of the baby's excretions come out until birth, while pregnant the mother has a literal plug inside of her to keep the fluid that the baby forms in sealed inside.

I'm not certain about vomiting in the womb, but if they do nobody could tell because it's not like somebody has been in there feeding the baby, it's basically like drinking some water and spitting it back in the cup, you really couldent tell what's been spit back into the rest of it.
How long can girls hold their pee. Is it commen for girls to either pee themselves or pee squating somewhere.?
Are school only gives one bathroom break in late afternoon and even then so many people are desperate to go thst only about 1/3 actually get to. It's not uncommen for me to see some girl pee herself or to find a girl peeing behind a bush on my walk home.
Thats to the school board or something...they shouldnt be able to do that.
Does drinking alcohol make girls pee the bed?
So i'm going to hangout with the girl i like tomorrow. She told me that she got some alcohol and that i should try some with her, but i heard from another friend that her and the girl i like both tried drinking for the first time a week ago and they both ended up pissing the bed. Will that happen to me too or is it something that's more common in girls? We're all 15 by the way
y'all shouldn't be drinking at 15 anyhow.
but no it's not really common, I've never pissed the bed just ended up puking when i had some really strong vodka.
i mean alcohol makes you piss a lot while you're still awake as it is.
just make sure you go to the bathroom before hitting the hay and stop drinking when you had enough.
How do girls pee while camping? other tips for camping?
on thursday i'm going camping with my cadets its the first time how do i pee?
there are no toilets.
i'm 14.
also any other tips for camping?
Hide, squat, pee, un-hide, come back lighter.
There might be an area set aside for it with a bushes cut to make a hedge around it and a tape across the entrance. If the tape is hanging there's no-one in. Put it across the entrance when you go in.
The usual way is to have a spiral of bushes piled up so nobody can see in and a trench in the middle.
If there isn't a special area just disappear somewhere. Take a small pack of tissues with you.
The kind you keep in a handbag when you go out. It's easier to carry them than a roll and they hide in your pocket easy.
The biggest tips for camping are to stay happy and to be helpful. It all helps the others and if everyone stays happy the camp will be fun.
See this one for stuff to take and what it's about. One answer from me and the other guy gave a really good answer too.… . . . . . . .
How do girls pee at outdoor music festival?
I really want to go to Glastonbury this year - I know it sounds stupid but I'm really worried about having to pee. My friends have told me that the toilets are often un-useable and you can get stuck in big crowds with no loo. They've told me you just have to hold it but I don't know if I can - I've got quite a weak bladder and normally have to go quite often.

What do you do?
I went to Glastonbury and they give you a magic box to pee in!?

Sounds weird yes but it is like a tube that you attach to you and then wee out of standing up! Just like being a man!

I cant remember what they are called

Glastonbury also has lots of toilets around so there are always ones nearby x

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