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What exactly is happening when a girl squirts?
seriously...i'd flip if i was goin down on a girl and she squirted on me...

what is scientifically happening? it's obviously not urine. so what is it and why?
IT IS the most Intense feeling we can have ( the best orgasm there is ) My husband love it as he said it like drinking from the fountain it life. I say O wow. You are rubbing the G spot and causing a build up as it is like a mans prostate gland and then the release all at once...
When a girl squirts what fluid comes out?
Sometimes my girlfriend squirts and i was just wondering what exactly is coming out when she does.
What does it mean when a girl squirts multiple times during sex?
say She squirted like 10 - 15 times
it was a cup full fell out of her
what does that show about her?
It says nothing about her it just says your penis was hitting her g-spot. Scientists believe that the g-spot stimulated the female prostate which produces a semen like fluid (without the sperm part). This gives her the feeling of needing to pee. They believe it fills up in the bladder and when she can't hold it back, she lets it go. While this may feel or even look like urine, the chemical composition is very different and the substance is more similar to semen. Just says that you were very good at hitting the right spot.
Is it bad when a girl squirts during intercourse?
Me and my boyfriend were doing it and he always seems to hit that spot and all of a sudden i just start squirting everywhere i was really embarrassed. Is that something to feel ashamed about or guys like that stuff.
Ask him how he feels about any other guy feels about it is irrelevant.
When a girl squirts, does the bed get all wet?
I was masturbating while dirty talking to my boyfriend, and I squirted. Then, I realized that my bed was really wet. So, I was wondering if squirting makes the bed all wet.

Thanks for any help.
Yes anything your siting/layn on will get soaked ive soaked through the couch cushion lol hope this helps
Sex QuestionRight after me and my girl have sex she squirts this clear type of juice is this supposed to happe?
Right after me and my girl have sex she squirts this clear type of juice is this supposed to happen. I thought that she just cam with a little white stuff coming out?
Nope! It really can happen but the girls who do it are few and far between. I know one Asian girl who squirts quite a lot when she's really turned on.It's very hot to me.
What happens when a girl squirts?
I'm just confused. I mean is it like discharge? Is it possible? How do you know your doing it?
When you squirt,, It squirts like water,, its different from discharge and you would be able to tell the difference.

Squirting comes from a orgasm where as discharge keeps everything ok and moist down there.
What happens when a girl squirts? Like how does her body feel?
I've only had it happen once. It was great. I've heard it takes lots of practice.…
Do you care if a girl squirts during sex?
So im about to turn 14 and my bf is 16 and during sex I always squirt. Am I pretty much peeing? And does my bf find it gross or is it a good thing....? Thanks ! :)
You are 13. You should not be having sex. Stop it.
When a girl "squirts" what exactly is she squirting?
And is this a natural thing we are born to do or do we have to teach ourselves to do it?
Its usually a liquid similar to the liquid that lubricates her vagina. Mostly water though. Sometimes it can be urine or a substance similar to semen (minus sperm and other proteins). Most girls that squirt do it naturally and involuntarily, but I have no idea if it can be learned.

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