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Guys please send me a picture of your feet... young guys I love feet... I am gay and Icant wait
What is your question here? This sounds like a request. You sound very strange. What does being gay have to do with your foot fetish and what can't you wait for? Go see a doctor - please!
Is it true that Andre the giant was only 6 feet 11 ?
Apparently Andre the Giant was only 6 feet 11, I saw a documentary stating the wwe billed his height at 7 foot 5 to match his gimmick, However looking at the picture of him and hulk Hogan at wrestle mania stood eye to eye he looks way under 7”5 ?
Yep in real life Andre The Giant was actually 6' 11".It was to just to emphasize his Giant Superstar style of gimmick that WWF storyliners had him billed as 7' 4".
Mania in bipolar cycle: Is only about being extremely happy?
I have been diagnosed with depression previously but I have noticed my depression comes in cycles, usually after short period where I feel more confident, quick to anger and irritable, anxious, very creative and impulsive. I would not say that I feel happy, nor in such distress that I am unable to function. so I have been having trouble telling the doctors I feet the critera for bipolar.
No. Mania - in bipolar disorder or other - is not just extreme happiness (elation). Elevated mood is one of the possibly symptoms - although irritated mood is just as common. Talkativity, increase in activity, racing thoughts, inflated self esteem, distractability, recklessness. It can be quite unpleasant.

Although bipolar disorder is a potential explaination for your symptoms, there are alternative diagnoses - cyclothymic disorder for example. I would suggest describing the symptoms to your doctor and seeing what diagnosis they suggest - you can always review this later.
What was the best part of Wrestle Mania 23?
I think it was when Jeff Hardy Leg Dropped Edge off a 15 foot ladder onto another one in the Money in the Bank match
My fav part was when The Undertaker beat Batista and when Jeff messed up Edge.
How come is That Every Randy orton Is in my Home Town?
Detriot he loses when im at a WWE Event like at Mania 23 i was like acouple of feet from the gradian rail we was seating way at bottom by the rail near the stage but any ways

Randy orton always loses when i go to a event to see him but when im not at a event in my home town he wins a match thats wierd it seems like somthing doesnt want me to see randy win while im in attendace
he wins because you are not watching him live...isn't that weird!!
I think you should wait for him to lose before going to see him live again
- After the match, Vince McMahon's music hits as soon as the belt is put in Cena's hands. He congratulates Cena and says he's going to WrestleMania, just as long as he can defend the championship right now against... Batista!

WWE Title Match: Batista vs. John Cena

Batista heads down to the ring and Cena isn't even up on his feet yet. They go back and forth a bit until Batista hits the spear and the Batista Bomb for the pinfall and the win.

Winner and New WWE Champion: Batista
nope, good optimism though
Two feet symbol?
On cursor mania under symbols there is a cursor with two foot prints... does anyone know what that is the symbol for?
I dont think thats a symbol... its probably just a set of footprints
In wrestle mania 23 battle of the billionaires who do you think will win Donald trump or Vince MC Mayan?
Donald Trump is gonna win the, somoa bulldozer gots nothing on Bobby Lashley. And Bobby Lashley gots muscle and Umaga gots his FAT hanging down his feet. And Umaga sucks John Cena beat Umaga and he just used 1/100 of his muscle.UMAGA SUCKS BAD.
Donald Trump
Who even thinks for one second that Undertaker will ever loose at WM?
Undertaker the biggest streak in WWE history at Mania. 15-0. The bell tolls for anyone who sets foot in the ring with the deadman at the other corner.
I always worry every year, i grew up watching The Dead Man, The Phenom, The Undertaker! he is a great athlete and entertainer and i think he should go down in history with the only person to be undefeated at Wrestlemania.

Undertaker = LEGEND!
KFC Movie Mania Answers...?
OK, I have most of them (and am going to list them to help others out...), but there are a few I am missing!


1. Devil wearing black - THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA
2. Surfing guy - SURF'S UP
3. The biscuit in the wave - SEA BISCUIT
4. 51 in the circle - PLANET 51
5. "E" on the wall - WALL-E
6. 3 bronze guys with a baby - 3 MEN AND A BABY
7. 3 cars - CARS
8. The bride Barbie - THE PRINCESS BRIDE
9. 2 dolls in a pram - TWINS
10. A bug drinking juice - BEETLEJUICE
11. The group of aliens and toy monsters at the bottom - MONSTERS VS ALIENS
12. The 3 ducks dressed as super heros - MIGHTY DUCKS
13. The boxer shorts on one duck - SHORTS
14. 3 meatballs in the clouds - CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS
15. Wedding car on fire - THE WEDDING CRASHERS
16. Oil coming from the car - GREASE
17. 2 Lego men - MEN IN BLACK
18. The pan with the word "PETE" - PETER PAN
19. The moon - MOON
20. 2 ghosts as myth busters - GHOST BUSTERS
21. Man coming from the hole - IRON MAN
22. 2 feet with smilies on them - HAPPY FEET
23. Toy robots - ROBOTS
24. Yellow sign - KICK BOXER
25. Rock with "E" - ROCKY
26. 2 dancers in garbage - DIRTY DANCING
27. Red ball with car - DODGE BALL
28. Blue fish - BIG FISH
29. Pink cat on fish - PINK PANTHER
30. Notebook and pencil - THE NOTEBOOK
31. Spotty "101" - 101 DALMATIANS
32. Lightning at top - BOLT
33. Ghost with a jockey - GHOST RIDER
34. The Earth - EARTH
35. The mermaid on the fish's nose - THE LITTLE MERMAID
36. Pie with an american flag - AMERICAN PIE
37. Spider web saying "MY WEB" - CHARLOTTE'S WEB
38. Picture of Mona Lisa without a smile - MONA LISA'S SMILE
39. Scissor/hand hybrid with "ED" - EDWARD SCISSORHANDS
40. Monkey in a rocket - SPACE CHIMPS
41. Toys reading a book - TOY STORY
42. Hedge maze - LABYRINTH
43. Knight with blue ribbon - THE FIRST KNIGHT
44. 2 tanks facing each other - STAR WARS
45. Lion in a crown - LION KING
46. Picture of a chariot and horses - CHARIOTS OF FIRE
47. Big Ben - BEN 10
48. Black ball with a dragon - DRAGON BALL
49. Lost property box - LAND OF THE LOST
50. Scary house face - MONSTER HOUSE
51. Hurricane - TWISTER
52. Ants on the cinema - ANTZ
53. Fly - FLY
54. The caterpillar cocoon - COCOON
55. Horse in a cup - WATER HORSE
56. Manhattan snow globe - MAID IN MANHATTAN
57. Black crystal under the bug - THE DARK CRYSTAL
58. Tops secret folder - THE SECRET GARDEN
59. Star with a backpack - STAR TREK
60. Flock of birds - BIRDS
61. Chicken with joggers - CHICKEN RUN
62. Rabbit in a frame - WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT
63. Mask - THE MASK
64. Bobble head old guy next to the bride - THE FATHER OF THE BRIDE
65. The motorhome - RV
66. The dead black bird - BLACK HAWK DOWN
67. Panda in black - KUNG FU PANDA
68. Cat in a top hat - THE CAT IN THE HAT
69. Radio playing music - THE SOUND OF MUSIC
70. Splash of water coming out of the cup - SPLASH
71. Boat sinking on a tie - TITANIC
72. 4 red doors - DOORS

Ones I am missing -
3 blue guys under the microscope
Castle sign with the red cross through it

Hmmm - seems that doesn't add up to 75 - I'm missing one somewhere!

I have enough to enter quite successfully, but it's driving me crazy not knowing what those last few are!

Any help gratefully appreciated...
forbidden kingdom

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