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I dream of fat people having sex?
i dreamt of two fat people having sex.im not fat, my gfs not fat, and i dont want to have sex with fat people or anything like that

what does it mean
Maybe God is trying to tell you something. To accept people for who they are, and not their weight. What comes around goes around, and you may not be fat now, but you will be later.
Is it weird to have an addiction to watching fat old people having sex?
i just cant stop, its in my dreams and everything
im pretty sure it is..... weird...... crazy....psychotic.. fed up... what the hell is wrong with you ?!?!?!?!? (please best answer) your like an opposite pedophile
How do fat people have sex?
I mean the really fat ones that you see on morning talk shows, the ones that need beds made out of metal ore only found in Papua New Guinea.

Is it even possible? Do they suck in their gut?
Anything is possible with God's help.
Should people have sex with fat people?
I said no. However, I was recently in an argument with my fat friend. He told me that if the skinny people don't start banging the fat people, the fat people will be forced, out of horny-ness, to bang other fat people. Thusly making a lot more fat guys and fat people which, as you all know, would only make the problem worse.
Well, you wouldn't want to have sex with fat person if your skinny because you could fall into a cavernous fat roll, get lost, never find your way out, and then die.

Thus my friend, Sex with fatties = Death

You wouldn't want to die would you?
Do fat people really have sex?
I find it hard to believe fat people have sex. Cause if they did have sex wouldn't they be skinny? or more of a normal build?
having sex burns calories, but you have to take into account how long an encounter might last...

5 minutes tops for most men, and your body does not officially go into the fat burning mode until about 20 minutes of activity.

it also depends on how much these "fat" people are eating.

even if they have aggressive sex for an entire hour, if they get up and fire up the Fry Daddy and share an entire box of Little Debbie's, then all the calories they may have burned will be put right back on.

it all depends on what kind of foods they are eating and how long the sex is lasting.

on average, sex really doesn't burn that many calories.
Is it true that fat people have sex too?
I was curious if that was true. My friend Billy Tyler has got pretty fat parents, but I still believe that he was brought by a stork.
Naw. Its just a legend.
Why do thin people have better sex than fat people?
I heard thin people have better sex because they have no where near as many fat cells blocking a persons sense of touch an feeling. I actually believe this
Well it's true!

You get more sensitivity and you can move a whole lot more

Plus you aren't applying that much pressure on your partner

And, if your a guy, you don't got to lift up your belly to see your captain

Can very fat people have sex?
What if the man and women are extremely fat.. how do they do you know what when there is so much fat in the way for both of them? Do they need to wear belts to force some of the layers of flab in or what?
Probably not.... i think it's over for them.
How does it feel when fat people have sex?
Just curious...
<QUOTE>How does it feel when fat people have sex?</QUOTE>

How do *YOU* feel when you have sex?
I can't even understand what the heck you're trying to figure out with that question.

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