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How do people act when drunk? (Playing the drunken girl in a play)?
I am playing a teen drunken girl in a play soon and i need to act drunk, but im not sure how teens act when they are drunk (I am 14)... any help ? Thanks(:
loud, obnoxious, laugh a lot, slur words a little, and act like you can't walk straight. or just go drunk.
What would you do if you found a drunken girl lying in the street?
Would you help her or ignore her?
I'd get her out of the street before she gets hit by a car. Once she's safe I'd probably pat her down for a cell phone and see if she has a number listed as either Home or Mom or Dad. Call that number and have them come pick her up. Better to have her parents yell at her then have her get picked up by a group of random guys in a van.
If i make love to a drunken girl is it a crime?
let's say i meet this beautiful drunken girl at a party and i ask if she wants to have sex and she says yes then we have sex and we fall asleep in bed together then the next day she doesn't remember me and she accuses me of raping her, is it illegal or not?
It depends on the state and sometimes local laws and how well it can be articulated in the court.

Either way it is kinda lame to stoop that low. At least hit her up when she is sober so you can be somewhat manly about it!
What would You Do If...? A drunken girl who just turned 21 was being lured out of a bar by a strange man?
What would you do if you saw a young woman who just turned 21 and was intoxicated and you saw a strange man trying to lure her out of the bar with him? What would you do?
Point and laugh
Did anyone spot this . A 20 year old drunken girl attacks 999 paramedic trying to save her after being hit?
by an 11 YEAR DRUNKEN driver . I thought the main story was bad enough. What the hell is Britain coming to ?
I think you've got that a*se about face, but it's still a crazy story.

When the girl was 11 (actually 12 according to this story) she was knocked over by a drunken driver:


Then, aged 20 on a New Years Eve night out, she passed out, and was attended to by a paramedic. The paramedic was then brutally attacked by both the 20-year-old girl, and some random bloke in the crowd who was never traced.

So, the 20-year-old girl gets to spend 8 weeks in Cell Block H. A pretty lenient sentence with all things considered.

I suspect that if she wasn't a pretty, meedle-clarse CV polisher with reasonable university prospects, she'd probably have got 12 months - but even so, with a criminal record, her career path will still probably take her closer to the checkouts of Tesco than the boardroom of a swish consultancy firm. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

I also think it's pretty disgusting that she brought up her accident as a possible excuse for her behaviour. If anything surely it MAKES IT WORSE, since she's seen at first hand the great life saving work that paramedics do.

And knowing the Daily Mail, in 8 weeks time they'll probably try to turn it into a middle class sob story with an "emotional reunion" between the paramedic and her attacker. In my view, this girl should do her time, keep her head down and then keep the f*ck out of the newspapers.

Oh, and get a f*ckin' job. I hear KFC are recruiting.
Why is there a drunken blonde girl crying mascara and blowing cereal crumbs at me everytime I search clocks?

because she wants you to know ..... WHAT TIME IS IT???????

.... Its hammer time!
If you have a night of drunken sex and the girl gets pregnant, will it affect the baby in a negative way?
I know that if you drink during pregnancy it can hurt the baby, but what if its conceived during a drunken love-fest?
Probably not. As long as the mother stops drinking as SOON as she discovers she's pregnant the baby should be fine. After that, she is putting the baby at risk for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which can cause a variety of birth defects. But if she was able to conceive, and the alcohol didn't hinder her or the father's fertility, the baby should be fine if the mother stops drinking.

Hope I helped!
If a person with Aids has drunken sex with a girl but forgets to wear a condom is he going to jail?
or is it just like a bad mistake like a DUI offense?

can people with aids who know they have aids go to jail if they have sex with people without protection but are intoxicated?
Yes, in most states. It's called nondisclosure.

Paris' New BFF: Why would Paris pick that vomiting drunken girl to be her new pet?
I'm sorry but sloppy drunks are so unbecoming and skeevy. What was Paris thinking. Just because it was her birthday, big whippy !!! I can't stand that lush (Paris' new pet). There were much better choices she could have chosen, don't you agree?
she probably picked her to be her pet because they're exactly alike?
lmfao, drunk and vomiting..yep sounds like a match to me.
What ep or movie was it when rock lee was drunken against a guy taht carried a girl on his shoulders?
the guy was hitting the ground shooting these electrical pathes towards rock lee, but he dodges them all in his drunken state.
I think its ' The enemy of the byakugan' episode 154.
Lee's fighting Raiga and the bundle on his back is not a girl but a young boy name Ranmaru.
hope tis hel

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