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Anyone knows some dirty comics?
in the old days....in the late 90s I've been reading a dirty comic made by a french person....
one story about a geeky school girl who turns out to be a whore...and another one I remember is about a girl in the 2022 who's going to a boarding school....she then sleep s with every person...take sex ed....and so on!!

the Ideas that combine the stories are: gang-bang & some sadism

can anyone remember & help me???
are you serious or what,
Why does he draw dirty pictures?
I know an adult who draws dirty comics on his free time. He goes pretty far with his drawings, into themes like rape and pedophilia. Is this normal or is there something wrong?
Not normal. I knew a guy like that, too. I chalked it up to "oh, he's just strange like that. It's just his art; he's not hurting anyone." Then, I found out he was a pedophile & a rapist. If the drawings were merely dirty, that would be one thing, but the rape/pedophilia is just sick. Would you want to generate images of people being tortured & dominated, ESPECIALLY guyren? Of course not. Neither would any other safe, sane person.
Why would Palin have to defend herself from the dirty jibes of over-the-hill comics?
Especially after brokering the biggest pipeline deal in history?
"Exxon Mobil's surprise decision to join Trans-Canada on a vast Alaska gas pipeline project is a big step toward making the U.S. self-sufficient in domestic energy. By defying naysayers, Sarah Palin is now vindicated"
1) Any mother worth her salt would raise holy hell about such a defamatory statement about one of their guyren.

2) She is a conservative, and as a group they are opposed to the media's portrayal of guyren in a sexual manner.

3) This isn't an isolated case, her family has been subjected to a vicious smear campaign by the media, like nothing that has been leveled against any other candidate's family. This is her drawing the line.

4) And from a pragmatic sense this is positioning for 2012. She takes Letterman's head, other media figures will be a little more decent about covering her.
Why do most comics talk so dirty? ?
It's as if they have no shame. I used to love Tracey Morgan &Gilbert godfried til i saw thier stage acts. Now i think they are idiots!
Its because they have the freedom to do so. Not every comic uses profanity, its generally a personal preference. If you don't like it don't go see them. Some of us (me included) find that kind of comedy to be hilarious.. that doesn't mean that we or the comedians are idiots, we just simply have different ideas of whats funny then you do.
Were can i find good online comics?
im looking for a good dirty online furry comic got any you now of post links please
Haha. I really wouldn't know..
Does anyone know the name of the comic strip with a talking pig and his friend a spikey haired guy?
looking for a comic with a dirty talking pig, a short guy with spiky hair and he may be wearing a tie and is always wearing dark sunglasses, and there was also a girl. Sometimes the strip would start off regular and morph into a japanese (?) phrase or word. Cant remember the name of it or were i found it last. Thanks for yalls help.
It sounds like "Pearls with Swine" with a talking big and a talking zebra with spiky hair, but it's probably not what you're looking for =P
Wholesome comics who are actually funny?
I have a really hard time finding wholesome comics who are actually funny. Jim Gaffigan is one of my favorites, because he generally doesn't resort to cheap, dirty jokes, and he's still really funny.
Chonda Pierce and Mark Lowry are two of the absolute BEST!
Ken Davis.
both have video clips on youtube
Manga/ Henati Question: Is there a Manga (explicit) or Henati with Angelina Jolie as Queen of the Medusa?
I ask cause i have 2 pages to a comic strip style explicit manga....or pages from a dirty comic. I just want to know if it is still a comic, and who is the artist of it? Mainly does suck a comic or comic style manga, henati, exsist?
Angelina Jolie? Ha dont make me laugh!
How much would a career in professional cartooning pay?
I've decided that after I graduate, I'm gonna try and become a proffesional cartoonist, for comics and the occasional MTV 2 or Adult Swim show. How much would a career in professional cartooning pay?

Also, if you're curious about why I chose MTV2 or Adult Swim, I mean because they can take curse words and aren't afraid to suck it up, UNLIKE THE IDIOTS ON NICKELODEON AND THE RETARDED MONKEYS WHO RUN CARTOON NETWORK (guys Cartoon Network), OR EVEN THE BRAINWASHED DRUG ADDICTS WHO WORK DISNEY CHANNEL. And God help me if I have to write for Toon Disney. I would kill myself if I had to.

I just want a career for NON-CHILDISH cartoons. Nor completely dirty adult ones. Something like Simpsons or Family Guy or American Dad.
First, decide if what you really want to be is a cartoonist or just an illustrator. Cartoonists write and draw their own humor. Illustrators merely draw other peoples ideas and writings.

If you really want to see if you've got what it takes, try submitting single panel color cartoons (with or without captions) to Hustler magazine, or some of the greeting card companies such as Nobleworks, Inc. who use edgy or "risque" humor. You'll make a few bucks, it will give you a lesson in how to create an idea, how to present it, how to write humor, and how to find your way around a joke. Cartooning is not an easy business, but it can be quite profitable, if you have the right stuff and can be self-disciplined and self-motivating. Generally those who simply illustrate or draw other people's humor don't make as much as cartoonists who can write and draw their own humor. I've been at it, full time for 30 years, and don't regret a minute of it. Cartooning, for the right person, is the best job in the world.

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