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Know any stories of military wives cheating on their husbands?
while they are deployed
Honestly the percentage of wives that cheat on a spouse while he is deployed is probably higher that those that do not. I've been active duty Army for awhile now and it happens quite often. It usually goes both ways though. Guys and girls cheat A LOT while in the military. Also many soldiers have to deal with multiple deployments. Being deployed for one year, coming home for one year and deploying again takes a toll on the strongest marriage. I'm 21, and i know our screwed up generation has no concept of remaining faithful in a marriage with all the bull sh it that is on tv. I've seen it happen A LOT. Plus in the military, many are encouraged to marry for the wrong reasons (i.e. MORE MONEY).
Does anybody have stories of a cheating wife they can share?
Just gathering information for my own knowledge. Would love to hear from the actual wives. Why did you do it? Did it feel good? Does the husband know?
I cheated on my husband and I am not proud to say that. You said you wanted to hear from the wives that have done so here you go. Why did I do it? I am not totally sure. I think I know why I did it. I got caught up in the moment and didn't think about the consequence like a complete moron. I met up with and ex boyfriend and things went from one thing to another eventually it led to me having an affair. Did it feel good. NO. The entire time I kept thinking what an idiot I was, but for some really stupid reason I let it happen. Afterward I felt more quilt then I have my entire life. I realized I just betrayed the one person I cared about the most, my husband. I wanted to shoot myself. I told my husband that very night. Of course he was very upset, hurt, and felt betrayed. I could never tell him enough how sorry I was for doing it. We have talked things out and we are actually still together. He has forgiven me and we going to make our marriage work. Cheating on my husband was the absolute worse thing I could ever do. He never deserved it. If any woman out there is thinking of cheating on your husband, DON'T!!! You will regret it. The affair was only a month and a half ago. I can't go a day without thinking about it. I can't hardly look at my husband without thinking I hurt him that badly. I love my husband and we are working things out. With God's help we are going to keep our marriage together.
My Boyfriend watches pornography that has story lines about cheating wives and husband. Should I be Concerned?
I do not like that he watches porn but that is not what bothers me. I am concerned with the type of porn he is watching. Does this mean that he is a cheater or has thoughts about cheating?
Just asked my boyfriend and my best friend (dude) and they both say they don't watch for the story content. Pay close attention to the women. Theres just probably a trend there. Men look at visuals. Maybe hes into the Sussy homemaker type? Play it out for him. Probably will love it. I have an "innocent housewife" costume for my guy...
You always hear about guys cheating, does anyone have any stories about girlfriends/wives cheating?
Let's hear some of the stories that really show that both sexes are equal.
Both of my younger sisters cheated on their spouses. One sister found out husband was cheating and it was pay back time . The other sister was in Iraq messing around with a guy. While her boyfriend was here messing around with another woman. Neither knew of the others doing at the time.
You always hear about guys cheating, does anyone have any stories about girlfriends/ wives cheating?
Let's hear some of the stories that really show that both sexes are equal.
I cheated in my last relationship. He just was not satisfying me sexually. I called up my ex (the greatest lover in the world) and we hooked up a couple ot times. When my bf asked me where I was I told him none of him damn business. I did it three times until finally I decided to end my relationship. I even tried to spice up the relationship but he was tired and traditional. When I ended it, I told him why. He was hurt and wanted to change. It was like I was forcing him to be someone he was not. I couldn't take it and called it quits. He was hurt for a while but now we are just friends. NO sex. I can't bear that. He appreciates my honesty.

Oh yeah! I never admitted to cheating. I just told him I was grown and did not owe him any explanations or details on my every move! I was not gone long and he had no right to be so suspect! I was gone because I did not want to be around him.
Why are so many republicans cheating on their wives?
Lately, it seems like every time you turn on the television there is a new story about a republican cheating on his wife (or one of Sarah Palin's minor guyren is pregnant out of wedlock or one of the Bush girls had another drunken episode). Why aren't more republicans stepping up to have these so-called leaders removed from office the way they did during Clinton's situation? Also, what makes the republicans think that we should entrust their party to manage the country when a lot of them can't even manage their own households?
They're patriots defending the sanctity of marriage by testing how far one can go before breaking it!

We should be thanking them for selflessly risking their futures, their families and - yes - even their very lives for us.
Lies, cheating and real stories, better than desperate house wives?
I am a letter carrier and have seen it all, and unknowingly revealed affairs, extortion, abuse, money laundering, and all kinds of wicked things.

I am considering writing a small book about this things I've witnessed in diary format, similar to desperate house wives.

I would of course make up the town, names and state the book is just an inspiration of real events.

i'm telling you the things I've seen are better than fiction.

What do you recommend?
What would I have to do to protest my customers and not violate my agreement with the PO to keep customer info confidential?

After all, carriers write into our monthly magazine about situations where they saved lives of their customers or discovered illegal activity.

would the same rule apply?
You might well be in violation if you offered material as anything other than "fiction." In a town where your name is known, repeating details of matters that can directly attached to you could probably be construed as a violation of confidentiality.

I would forward the manuscript to a publishing agent and any interested publisher could investigate the legalities, but their investigation might not protect your employment, only their rights as publishers.

I think of the women who posed in Playboy over the years and lost their jobs because they brought public ridicule and embarrassment to their various employers. Might ought to look into that before you publish anything.
Do cheating husbands always suspect their wives as a cover story?
A friend of mine who's husband cheated in the past is always accusing her of having an affair, which she isn't. He has no basis for the allegations so I wonder is it a way of deflecting attention away from him?

And do you think a leopard never changes it's spots?
I have always found that those that accuse are the guilty party.

They are either cheating, or it is being thought about.
What do wives usually do when you find out their cheating husband?
I am married to a Singaporean man, am not Singarean myself.
My husband says he wants to divorce with me after 3 months of registry in my country. Due to some reasons, we haven't been living all this time of three months and a few months before marriage. My lawyer says I haven't done anything that can be taken into account as grounds of divorce.

He's cheating on me with this girl from China, I confronted him but not much clear answers although I have so many evidences that I could show they've been cheating.
I also wanted to confronted this girl and have a talk(shout? more like...) but she's been running around from me and been firmly protected by my husband. He insists that she's just a friend and never tell me her address.
I guess it's got a lot of a reason of her also being married and most probably separated, going through the divorce process, etc.

This is my story, but usually how cheated wives in this country get the compensation from their husband?
confronting her will not change anything, the more u know the worse it will feel. when one gets betrayed it is especially heartbreaking, because he was your husband, u think to feel better u need to find her and confront, but it will only cause u more grief. she has no intention of leaving him. in the USA most states have the no fault divorce laws now, and u can't do much to a cheater, financially or any other way. best to cut all ties with the cheater, find out what your options are in your country. seek alimony if u can get it. why confront her it won't make her see right from wrong, and she will continue even more to cheat with your husband.
Why i hear these days so many stories about husbands who cheat on their beautiful wives???
most of them are recently married, and most of them have guys...
why do men cheat??? it makes me feel they try to get out of their routine life and search for something new outside? do they like to feel loved by many women to fullfil their ego or desires?
why not being faithful to their wives? how come they go sleep with other women n then come back home to sleep with their wives like nth happened?
Hey there butterfly, i missed u.......

Now yr q, could take me pages to fill, but i know everybody here will hate me coz they hate long answers.

It could be dissatisfaction and lack of content with what they have.

A feeling that they r missing out on something else (you know the concept of the grass is always greener on the other side). But as a wise man said, in the end it is only grass.

It might also be the feelings they never had before and want to experience it, (one last fling) as they call it.

Fear of growing old or losing their appeal to the other gender.

Missing out on certain feelings from their spouse and so looking for a person that fills their (emptiness) whether emotional or sensual.

So to sum it up, it's human nature at it's worst, but it does happen and there are a lot of reasons for it.

edit: one more thing, these days, couples are getting married real young, and i am sorry to say most of them are not even mature enough to know about what marriage and a true commitment means. That is why there seems to be a certain carelessness in the way they evaluate their actions.

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