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What is the best lesbian love movie?
What is the best lesbian love movie out there, which is about love and relationship between two women, has nudity and sexuality but is NOT pornographic.
Best Movie:
Gia (Amazing, full of awesome hot Lesbian scenes and Angelina Jolie is in it)

Also, just incase you were wondering...
Best TV Show:
The L Word (Entire show about Lesbians)
...also a current show is The Real L Word...
Best lesbian movie or tv programme ever and why?
Please tell all I could talk about this forever and maybe use as a reference point. Also talk about fave couples anything really :o)
Obviously as far as programs go the L Word. Why? Because it portrays lesbians in a rather normal, everyday type of life.

I've really only started watching it, but I really liked the Alice and Dana couple. I hate how it ended though, that was sad.
What is ur best lesbian movie ?
what is ur best lesbian movie ever seen?
But I'm a Cheerleader!
What is best lesbian movie?
What is best lesbian movie ever with best naked sex
without better than C
Wild Side (1995) starring Anne Heche and Joan Chen.
What is the best teen lesbian movie?
not the oldies i like to watch the newer movies.
Better than Chocolate
Lost and Delirious
The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love
What is the best lesbian movie you've watched?
My current favorite is Spider Lilys or Butterfly (both Chinese, strange.) I guess my favorite US one is Fried Green Tomatoes. (If you know your lit, then you know it was lesbian.)
A Bride For Brenda 1968 Mary Astor,Lois Lane &
Rita Joyce Erotic Movie

A Family Affair 2001 Helen Lesnick,
Erica Shaffer &
Michele Greene Lesbian Movie

A Feast of Flesh 2007 Zoe Hunter,
Amy Lynn Best,
Rachelle Williams

A Girl Thing 2001 Elle Macpherson &
Kate Capshaw Mainstream Movie

A Housewife Named Brandi 2004 Nikki Loren &
April Hannah
What is the best lesbian love story movie in your opinion?
I have a feeling it is Lost And Delirious, but only the gay community could answer that.

its the only one i can think of
Does anyone else think that fingersmith is the best lesbian movie ever made???…

this is a tribute video to the movie.
Oh I just re-read the book, :)
Best lesbian movie?
I'm looking for a good romantic movie for my partner's birthday. We own Desert Hearts, Tipping the Velvet, Loving Annabell, The Gymnast and DEBS. We prefer good cinematography, loving, passionate, happy endings (no Lost and Delirious jumping off the roof moments, please). Thanks!
Best lesbian movie that has a happy ending or it doesnt have a tragic ending like lost and delirious?
for me it is

imagine me and you (i like it a lot, i watch it so many times)
rome and juliet (asian just like imagine me and u)
debs (action and romance, happy ending, like it 2)
saving face (asian speaking english, )
loving annabelle (alternate ending)
kissing jessica stein (they become friends and maybe)

gzsz (german series FRANZI and PAULA storyline)
south of nowhere (SPASHLEY)

ive seen
gray matters
lost and delirious
incredbly true adventures of two girls in love

I noticed that you didn't list "Better Than Chocolate" or "But I'm A Cheerleader." Both of those movies do not have tragic endings. If you haven't seen either of them, I'm sure you'd enjoy them!

My personal favorites are "Imagine Me and You" and "Loving Annabelle" (even though "Loving Annabelle's original ending is quite tragic, it was a beautiful movie, nonetheless).

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