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Do girls like men that are bare feet or do they like men that never show there feet even if there having sex?
i have a little problem i dont like showing my feet for some reason in front of people and to my girlfriend n friends family the same time i want to be bare feet i like feet
Take those shoes off...I love bare feet
Does it freak u out if the passenger in your car kicks off their shoes and props their bare feet on the dash?
Do u think it makes a difference if the person is the same sex or not?

I'm thinking people would feel differently if a girl did it versus a guy. I think girls can get away with this kind of thing more than guys can.

What do you think?
You're right; girls get away with it more than a guy can.

If a guy did it then it would be kind of weird.

If there were two guys in the car one decided to do it the other guy may say, "Dude, your feet reek!"

If the scenario were two girls and one did it then the other wouldn't comment on it most likely.

If a girl did it and she were in the car with a guy then he wouldn't say anything.

If a guy did it and the girl was driving she would DEFINITELY comment on it.

To me, I think it's gross. And it freaks me out, too. I always think their feet are going to get cut off by another vehicle smashing into them or something.

Plus, feet, in general, are disgusting! But girls have smaller feet and they don't look so gross unlike us men do.

: )
Why do some pigeons have feather down their legs to their feet, and others have bare legs?
These are NYC pigeons, and I dont think it has to do with sex. I see males with feathery leg and bare leg.
They are different breeds and each is true to its parents breeding. Some fancy breeds have leg feathers and likely escaped from a pigeon fancier.
Gay or bi men, is it a turn off if your partner wears socks during sex?
I find wearing socks (or my partner wearing socks) during sex to be a huge turn off. For some reason, I find sex much more erotic in bare feet. Granted, I do have some what of a foot fetish, but I was wondering if this is ever an issue even for non-fetishists? I have been told bare feet are indicative of a lover's comfort level. Do you think this is true?
we're always barefoot in the house... we're naked a lot too,,, i guess the socks thing isn't really an issue... ;-o
What do you usually wear on your feet when are just chilling at home?
Totally bare feet?
Socks only?
Real shoes?

Also- if you dont mind age and sex and country. I am just curious as to what is normal around the world.

first person who wears what I wear gets the 10 points
bare feet or socks usually
Can a straight guy think that other men's feet can be sexy?(or somehow remind them of sex)?
for some reason, ever since i was a guy, when i thought of a guy with bare feet, i automatically viewed him as being a horny guy who has sex with women? is this normal?

also, i thought that if a guy has big masculine looking feet, it means he was very sexual, and it reminded me of sex (with women) is this normal?
Although the thought of a guy thinking that men's feet are sexy....(who say's he is straight)... is kind of hard to believe, yes it's a normal sexual thing. Everyone has their fetishes.

I don't think you need to be asking if it's normal that you feel that way about feet. They are what they are and if it turns you But what I think you need to be asking yourself is, "Why men's feet?"

You say that when you think of it, you think of having sex with women. Maybe you should re-evaluate your sexual preferences. I think that you may be bi-sexual.
Don't think bad of it, you are who you are and if it's what you enjoy doing. Do your thing.
Ladies, is it a turn off if a guy wears socks during sex?
For some reasons, wearing socks during sex, whether it is me or the person I'm with, is a huge turn off. Its not as though sex CAN'T happen with the feet covered, but it just seems more erotic in bare feet. I was just wondering if any ladies have an opinion on the matter.
socks off is the way to go. think about, socks look a bit silly compared to the rest of the naked body. it's also a more raw look without the socks. ditch the socks during sex
Why does bare feet give me a irection and other parts of the body doesn't?
Hello I was wondering why bare feet is the only thing that gives me a irection and not other parts of the body?
I have had a foot fettish sense the age of 17
when I was 20 years old I ejaculated for the first time out side of wet dreams and it was during rubbing bare feet. not sure if this is the reason.
also when ever some one puts there bare feet on mine I instantly get a irection also barefoot rubbing and foot jobs do the same thing. I have tried different things with bot sexes mail and femail and the only thing that does it is the feet. why is this? its really frustrating.
I am also totally blind so my senses are of course better them sighted folks do to my lack of vision.
any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Foot fetish. You should look into a job as a shoe salesman. It would be your dream (wet?) job~
Can a heterosexual guy think that other male body parts such as feet, legs, or chest be attractive?
is this normal?

also, i always associated bare feet on men with sex...whenever i was getting intimate with a woman, i had to be barefoot, becuase it made me feel more manly and sexual.

even when i see other men barefoot, sometimes i get reminded of sex, or a porno..

is this normal?
Normal to a girl like me. Men need to take time on grooming needs. I worked at a drugstore and this guy was going on a date and he pulled out all the stops to groom himself. Lotions, soaps powders, hair gels, and deodorant etc. If not for himself it was for his mate holding him that night. It is some of a memory that sticks in your mind to be a gentleman. Not some rugged cowboy with mud on his boots and spurs on like Clark Gable with his Indian Wife. My man had this grooming habit and I was crazy about the colone he wore and I noticed it on other men but it was not the same. Men do not need to feel like a powder puff but a big sexy velvet teddy bear. Yeah, I love the bears.
Is it abnormal to have a foot fetish?
I must confess that I do like bare feet. However, I am male and don't like other guys' feet and also don't like crusty, wrinkled, mouldy, diseased feet belonging to any sex. So, in short, i am selective about which feet i like, usually belonging to sexy women.

Some examples of famous people's feet that i have seen and liked:

Lucy Liu
Zhang Ziyi
Julie Bowen
Liz Hurley
Kristen Bell

Please! Am i weird?
I love womens feet too and I have always considered myself normal and never had a problem when I wanted to suck a girls toes or give a foot massage.

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