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Is it an asian fetish if you're asian?
I like them all for the record, but asians seem more appealing to me at times. I'm filipino. Does that mean I have an asian fetish? I really got no idea. And im just asking cause im bored. While on topic, can someone explain to me what a foot fetish is. Is it just an obsession with the feet?
Yep, a foot fetish is just that, an obsession with feet.

As for the "asian fetish" I'd say no Especially since you are asian. I would say it's simply a physical attribute you like or just in your blood ;)
Foot fetish sites online?
Does anyone know of good foot fetish sites, I'll go for any type as long as it is all feet, and gets me hard :D I like footcrush, footjob, foot worship, hot feet, pedo, indian, Asian, anything. Gimme websites! If they are iPhone friendly that would be great, but if not it's ok. It just needs to be free and have vids or pics;_ylt=Ak4y…
Foot Fetish???
Im a freshman in high school and i have a major foot fetish. Whatshould i do about it? Is it okay? are there any other male or females with the same fetish at my age? How do i go about this? Do any girls my age like having their feet worshipped? Is it true asian women like being foot worshpped more then other races?
What you should do about it-- Enjoy it. There's an entire dimension of intimacy that's open to you that many don't get to see. It's unique, it's fun, it's a good thing.

Is it ok-- of course. I'll admit when I was your age I was also worried because "Oh my God, I'm not exactly the same as everyone else." That is something you'll get over someday, trust me. And the first poster is incorrect, that isn't necessarily the cause of a foot fetish. No one knows exactly which of the many theories are correct (and more than one probably are), but I personally (from many things I've observed about my own) believe that in my case, and the case of many, it's just the way your brain works-- literally. Everyone's mind works differently, it's not a bad thing.

Are there others your age with a foot fetish?-- Of course. A foot fetish is the most common fetish there is. Males and females can have one, though it's much more common in males.

How do you go about it?-- What, you mean trying to get some foot? Well, I don't recommend a freshman in high school be sexually active at all, and since you're going for something that people in your age group may be especially critical of (giving people /any/ reason to make fun of you, be it a valid reason or not, in your first year of HS isn't the best thing to do), I'd say stick to masturbatory fantasies like a HS freshman should. If you happen to have a GF you trust enough and who likes you enough that she'd try to understand how harmless and even fun this is, and if you're not going to listen to me anyway about not getting wacky at 14 or 15, then just tell her what you like and hope for the best.

Do girls like it?-- some do, yes. Some don't. Most are probably neutral on it. The good news is, anyone who is neutral on it, if she cares about you and enjoys turning you on, will come to enjoy it.

Do Asian women like it the most?-- uh, that's an odd question. I've never heard of that and doubt that race would play a factor in such a thing.
Why do West Asian and European women have better feet than South & East Asian Women?
It's not that I have a foot fetish but I have noticed that South & East Asian women have very short feet and they are dark in colour yuck!

Whereas women from West Asian & Europe have longer feet and white in colour.
South Asian (specifically Indian) women secretly think us western women are all slut.
East Asian (specifically Japanese) women secretly think us western women are all fat.…………
Why is it black women are more open and accepting of a guy with a foot fetish than women of other races?
i mean latina and asian and especialy white womwn find having a foot fetish odd but black women are more open and actually enjoy it no offense but are black women more open minded or are they just fun and adventerous please enlighten me.
I'm Latina/White. I don't find anything odd about fetishes. Perhaps you need a broader sample base on which to base the assumptions of your question.
Is it wrong to have a fetish for asian women with hairy feet?
I just need to know that I'm not the only one :)
I don't think that there would be many people out there with a fetish like that. I have a foot fetish, but not for hairy feet. But hey, who cares if you are the only one with that fetish. That makes you who you are. Embrace it and love that fact that you love hairy toed Asians!
What do you women really think of a man with a foot fetish?
I've been having a foot fetish all my life and still get ambarrassed when ever i'm at the feet of pretty girls.I have a lot females that come over my place just to get me to give them a nice pedicure,in exchange for toe suckkking and crotchhh eating.Some of them don't even care if their feet stink,knowing their foot smell will make me more submissive to give them what they came over for.I'm ambarrassed kneeling at their feet,specially the Whites,Asians and Hispanics.They seem to enjoy humiliating me,i wonder what's on their mind sometimes.Do you girls think any of those women care about me a little,or they are just using me for free pedicures,toe suckking and and crotchhh eatingg?
that's something u should know .... u r the one that know them... we don't know them
Foot Fetish? still normal?which race?
Well to be honest I have a foot fetish. Actually I feel shy saying that no one knows about it. So I ask is it still normal to have foot fetish? I'd appreciate to hear the opinion of some ladies.
How would u (girls only) react if they heard about the foot fetish of their boyfriend? And is it true that some races prefer foot fetishism more than other races for example: latinas, asians?
i was with a guy that revelaed that he had a foot fetish i would play up to it, im half latin half asian.
Is it a fetish if i like asian guys?
i love asian guys. not in an obsessive way, like feet or something, but it's just my preference cuz i think asian guys are hot imo. does this mean i have a fetish?
Nah its a preference.
Any idea whats the name of this woman? any idea on whats the name of the women in the picture here?

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